Areas of expertise


  • IT infrastructure and security auditing (sysadmin)
  • Architecture audit
  • Code auditing for improving  maintainability and identifying bug clusters
  • Code auditing for security
  • Code auditing for portability

Web applications (full stack)

  • Specialist of the Django framework
  • From understanding your needs to release, through specifications, documentation, tests, I can handle the whole process
  • Full stack: for most of my customers I handle hosting, sysadmin, backend and frontend.
  • Dozens of websites made from scratch for my customers, still in production and evolving, some of them handling heavy traffic. The oldest one has been in production since January 2008.
  • Participation to the development of important customer websites, joining the customer team as a Django specialist.

Linux kernel and embedded development

  • Kernel drivers development
  • Kernel improvements
  • Tailoring toolchains/kernels to your needs (such as embedded systems)
  • Telecommunication protocols
  • Smartcards
  • port of the GNU toolchains (binutils/gcc) and Linux kernel to the Zeta virtual architecture (free software)
  • creation of the start-up Yalbi in 1999, developing tools for GSM/Smartcards
  • development of software on Smartcards within Bantry Technologies
  • missions for  Inseal Contactless, a French company working on SmartCard operating systems and certifications.
  • creation of the company Luceor in 2004, the products (Mesh networking nodes) are based on Linux embedded.

Unix System Administration

  • Installation, administration, migration to Linux
  • All kind of servers : web, mail, NFS, DNS, ldap, git/mercurial
  • Network architectures, LAN, WLAN, VPN …
  • Web applications : teamware, groupware, tickets system, source management, CMS, accounting, ERP, document sharing
  • Small companies : lower your administration costs by subscribing a maintenance contract.

Software development

  • Industry
  • Mathematics
  • Desktop application using the Qt framework (windows/mac/unix/linux/mobile environments)
  • Unit tests
  • Automated testing
  • Agile / SCRUM methodologies
References: I’ve worked for several years developing highly specialized mathematical software. I created a company in 2009 around data modelling, especially non-linear modelling. Check the ShapeKit Suite on this site. I hold a Ph.D. in applied mathematics and I can understand both sides, academic and industry.