plain C for general and embedded systems

ShapeKit includes a powerful code generator that can export a model to a program file with a function implementing the model in language C.

Those generated files are tested on all major OS (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and other unices) using a whole range of compilers.

Embedded systems

By default, the file will make use of standard C types float or double, but you can customize the generator to use fixed-point arithmetic or some other dedicated types for micro-controllers. There is also an option to include suitable approximation for the transfert function (typically tanh) and to make the code use it.

As a result, you can export a program that can be used on a computer with no floating-point arithmetics, and still be very accurate and fast.

Although no present on the released product, we have another feature to generate code for 8-bit processors (such as PIC or AVR). Please contact us if you are interested by this feature. We don’t include this feature in our product in order to keep it simple, but we might consider adding it if we get enough feedback requesting it.