File formats

There are four file formats specific to the ShapeKit Suite. This chapter provides information about them.

Xml Set

Those files contains data set stored in Xml. Data sets are used for training a model or for testing a model (so-called validation set). A data set is characterized by a number of inputs, a number of outputs, and a number of experiments. For each experiment, there is a input vector and an output (or result) vector, with consistence sizes. There are at least one input and one output. The file also stores a name for the set, and names for each input and output.

Binary Set

This contains exactly the same thing as the Xml Set, but in a compact form. It is stored using a more efficient way (“binary”), and then compressed.

Using the ShapeKit Loader, it is possible to convert between Xml Set and Binary Set, in both directions.


This file records work of progress in ShapeKit Studio. This contains the training data set and all parts of the design already added/created. The design can be incomplete.


This is the result of the data modeling process. The Design files contains all that is needed to compute outputs from inputs. This includes preprocessing steps/parameters, models, and links between all of them.

The training data set is NOT included in this file. As such it is usually very small (typically a few dozens of kilobytes). This is important because most of our customers have very sensitive data and very strict rules on how those data can/may be shared.


The following table summarizes the most important properties of file formats handled by the ShapeKit Suite:

Format Xml Set Binary Set Sketch Design
Extension *.XmlSet *.BinarySet *.Sketch *.Design
Read/write by scripts Yes No No No
Read/write by human Yes No No No
Compressed No Yes Yes Yes
Contains the training DataSet Yes Yes Yes No

This table shows interaction between programs from the ShapeKit Suite and file formats:

Format Xml Set Binary Set Sketch Design
ShapeKit Loader Read/Write Read/Write None None
ShapeKit Studio Read Read Read/Write Write
ShapeKit Exploiter Read(for tests) Read(for tests) None Read

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